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Gotta pass the time somehow. 


Gotta pass the time somehow. 

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Best host ever!!

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When you fall in love, make sure it’s with somebody who treats you exactly how you deserve to be treated. Love somebody who wants to know everything about you, from your favourite colour to your childhood memories to how you managed to survive all those years. Love somebody who can make you laugh. Love somebody who kisses your forehead. Love somebody who notices all of your flaws but chooses to see past them. Love somebody who tucks you into two duvets when you’re cold. Love somebody who listens to whatever is on your mind. Love somebody who always reminds you how lucky they are to have found you. Love somebody who let’s you choose the channel, decorate the cake, have the umbrella, and order the wine. Love somebody who shows you off in public. Love somebody who gets on well with your family. Love somebody who strokes your thumb when you hold hands. Love somebody who knows how you take your coffee, what toppings to pick off your pizza, and which parts of movies are your favourite. Love somebody who brushes the hair out of your face to see your eyes. Love somebody who you can’t wait to wake up to every morning. Love somebody who will sit through an episode of your favourite TV show even though they have no idea what’s going on. Love somebody who protects you. Love somebody who you can’t stay mad at for more than an hour because you miss speaking to them. Love somebody who waits for you to get on the train. Love somebody who knows all the words to your favourite song because they’ve listened to you sing it a thousand times. Love somebody who knows every freckle on your face, every stretch mark on your thighs, every scar and every tear. Love somebody who you can plan a future with. Love somebody who helps you forget what it feel like to be sad. And most importantly, love somebody who makes you question why you were so afraid to fall in love in the first place.
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You had me at a point where I would’ve left the entire world behind for you.
2:03am, I really loved you that much. - hoetion (via perfect)
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Pictures have been circulating the internet about a white tiger with down syndrome. Kenny’s diagnosis of down syndrome is questionable. But what is sure is that he was a victim of inbreeding. White tigers are rare and to ensure that the offspring would be a white tiger, Kenny’s parents were brother and sister. A lot of his siblings were stillborns or died very young.

But despite all this, breeders kept trying to mate Kenny’s parents. When parents are very closely related, there is a higher chance of both parents carrying the same “bad” gene. So there is a greater risk for their child to have a dominant bad gene. 

Kenny lived to be 10 years old. Kenny was described as non-aggressive and very friendly. 


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I will never get tired of this picture

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